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Keeping a record of the employees is not as easy as one might make it. It can be daunting for business managers and HR professionals to review the timesheets and calculate the payroll based on the time clock calculator.

Above all, how do determine which time card calculator for payrolls is efficient?

It is one of the most significant queries of managers that make them depend on different software or categories such as:

  • Online time card calculators
  • Do-it-yourself card calculators
  • Self-developed calculators
  • Software time card calculators

The majority of companies depend on their in-house software specifically developed for their industry. However, it is not something that every organization is comfortable with.

The business work hour metrics differ from one organization to another depending on their understanding of productivity and data-driven decisions. Managers need to track the break durations, clock-in, and clock-out times depending on the factors.

It is essential to keep track due to buddy punching where employees can mark the check-in on behalf of another. To avoid this, managers depend on good time clock software.

Timecard calculators are beneficial as they automate the whole process of tracking employees. The managers can track schedules, attendance, work hours, out-time, in-time, and paid time off. As a result, businesses can quickly analyze labor costs and monitor employees’ time based on the projects or requirements.

With the advancement in technology, there has been an increase in integrating tools. These tools have made it easier for managers to move effectively, efficiently, and quickly.

Here are some of the automated time clock calculators and payroll software that managers can try.


Redcort is a weekly timecard that calculates the payment in decimal format. The online tool is a Virtual TimeClock that can easily track employee time. Several features eliminate unwanted overtime with accurate calculation of in and out clock time, accurately total timecards, and track hours. The tool is easy to use on Windows tablets, Windows PC and macOS computers to track punching in and out.

The tool ensures accurate payroll while monitoring breaks, and departures, estimating or guessing arrivals, and lunches as an unbiased time tracking. Additionally, managers can track missing and incomplete timecards that may hold up payroll processing. The reports come with automatic totaling that is easy to print, view, and approve payroll timecards.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch can be the best employee management tool for managers that are tired of using complex time card calculators. This free online time card calculator is easy to use as it tracks the punch in, punch out, and break time simultaneously. It will automatically sum up the total number of hours and calculate the hourly rate.

The online tool also offers bi-weekly rates and an hour calculator that can help calculate 14 days instantly. Buddy Punch time tracking app is for daily operations to calculate working time and hours assisting the businesses to grow. The punch clock platform is customizable and convenient for employees or managers.


If you want to keep track of weekly timecard hours, pay in decimal, and over time, Clockify can be the first step forward. It can easily record the work start and end time, total working hours, break time, etc., to determine the employees’ payroll. The users can enter the details manually to calculate the results. It deducts the 30 minutes break from the total working hours, or users can specify the time.

However, users need to enter their hourly rate (currency) in the time card calculator to show the payment. Also, there is an option of overtime rate that can help calculate overtime hours. This customizable time card is printable and easily accessible to keep employee attendance records.


Replicon can be an excellent place to start if you juggle creating an employee timesheet with breaks. This online tool can help supervisors, managers, and employees to calculate time during lunch breaks. There are options that users can choose as per the requirements, such as calculating overtime, switching to Bi-weekly timesheets, don’t show weekends, etc.

The users can put the hourly pay rate, start time, end time, and breaks, and start calculating the payroll. Along with this, users can select the date range, rest the complete time chart sheet, and download the card sheet in XLS and CSV format. The online tool can come in handy while invoicing or costing clients and accurately calculating the pay of productive time.

Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is an effective way to calculate employees’ payroll as per their productive and overtime hours. It is free to use for tracking multiple remote employees through which one can easily prepare an employee schedule. The online tool can help calculate the deduction as well depending on leaves, breaks, or other measures depending on the organization.

Along with this, the users can easily print the report, send it to the accounting department, and download it as a PDF on Mac or Windows operating systems. This employee management system also offers easy-to-read statements with all the information.

Time Card Calculator

Calculator Soup developedTime Card Calculator to track the break and working hours and calculate employee payments monthly, weekly or hourly basics. The tool also auto-deduct breaks from working hours entered in and out of employees’ time. Users can start by entering the date, employee name, time in and out, and the regular pay rate to calculate payrolls. The users can also include overtime hours to calculate the payrolls.

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Miracle Salad

To calculate hours inMiracle Salad, users have to enter start and end time (hour: minute) then compute it. After computing, users can include round before calculating if required. Then users can move to the summing to add the working hours, for instance, 7:35, 10:25, etc. Users can also change calc and sum hours slots to get the exact number of working hours.

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To useCalculator.net, users can start with entering working hours (start to end) and break deduction time, including the round time, report header, and notes, then begin calculating.

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If users have to include payment information, blank day report, and save values to the browser, tick the checklist, enter the data, and start calculating.


If you are a contract worker, freelancer, self-employed, etc., Spica can help you calculate payrolls. Start with entering clock in, clock out time, and break to calculate the total payout for the employee. The HR department and accountants can easily calculate the time and payment instantly. Start with entering the name, choose the week, enter the timing, enter the break time, enter the hourly rate, and calculate the payroll.

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The outcome can be exported in CSV format, printed format, and reset if required. The online tool can easily register departures, rivals, business trips, lunch breaks, remote working, etc., for employees, employers, and freelancers without manual calculation.

Conclusion 👇

Businesses need to depend on a solution that can easily calculate the work time and payments in the present work culture. The timesheets need to be customizable to make it easier for employees to adjust payrolls. Hence, it is essential to choose the right timesheet tool to ensure accurate payroll and measure productivity.

Here are some of the best employee attendance trackers that can come in handy too.

9 Easy-to-Use Time Card Calculators for Payroll | Geekflare (2024)


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