Chapter 1387 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)

"Do you know Zhuang Xu?" Fu sh*ting looked at her face and asked her, "How did he die?"

The smile on Jin Rong'er's face froze: "Is he dead? I don't know! I've been at home..."

"You don't need to go out at all if you want to kill him."

"I didn't kill him! I have no grievance with him, why should I kill him?" Jin Rong'er reached out and grabbed his arm, "I do know him. When I consulted about IVF, I happened to meet him in the hospital. He begged me to help Qin Anan get out of here, and I said that my father was angry, and I can only help when my father is not so angry. "

"That's all?" Fu sh*ting pushed her hand away.

"Yes! There can't be anything else between me and him other than Qin An'an..." Jin Rong'er saw that he didn't seem to believe in himself, and said, "One more time... .. I took the initiative to invite him to be a guest at home, because I heard that Qin Anan has a man next to him, so I want to know their relationship."

"He died, and the poison died." Fu sh*ting said, "Do you think, other than your Jin family, who else could kill him? He is just a doctor, and there is no connection here..."

"I don't know. Shi Ting, I really don't know. I haven't been feeling well for the past two days and have been staying at home." Jin Rong'er said, tears falling, "Maybe it was my father who did it... ... He has been brooding over the death of my eldest brother. He didn't dare to kill Qin An'an directly, for fear of angering you, so he killed the people around her to relieve his hatred..."

Throwing the pot on Jin Kaili, Fu sh*ting was helpless.

Sure enough, when Fu sh*ting heard these words, his face suddenly became extremely cold, but he could do nothing.

In the hospital, no matter how the bodyguards comforted him, they couldn't calm Zhuang Xu's girlfriend. At the same time, the bodyguards worried that Qin Anan couldn't stand the blow, so they had to call Fu sh*ting and ask him to come over.

After a while, Fu sh*ting came to the hospital.

After meeting Zhuang Xu's girlfriend, he explained the cause of Zhuang Xu's death to her.

"I have no way to explain it to you for the time being, but I can only compensate you." He said bluntly, "If you go to the murderer, you will only lose your own life. This is an irrational act. If Zhuang Xu is still alive, I never want to see you die for him."

"I don't want compensation... I don't want any money you give me... I just want Zhuang Xu..."

"He's dead. I can show you his body."

After Fu sh*ting took her away, the bodyguard turned around and entered the ward.

Qin Anan was lying on the hospital bed, with the nurse comforting her.

She has just finished the operation, and she can't get out of bed yet, and she is not suitable for intense emotions, which will affect her recovery.

"Boss, Zhuang Xu must have been killed by someone from the Jin family." The bodyguard stood beside the hospital bed and said these words plainly, "We have no way to seek revenge for Jin Kaili, we can only bear it."

Qin Anan pursed her lips and suppressed her inner grief.

"When you are discharged, let's leave here first. Let Fu sh*ting do the rest." The bodyguard continued.

Before, Qin Anan really thought so. After leaving the hospital, leave here first to prevent Jin Kaili from blackmailing Fu sh*ting with himself.

But now, she has changed her mind.

Jin Kaili killed Zhuang Xu, she couldn't leave here just like that.

She wants to avenge Zhuang Xu.

It was she who called Zhuang Xu here, if it wasn't for her, Zhuang Xu would never have died! She owes Zhuang Xu a life, and no matter what, she will avenge him!


Fu sh*ting comforted Zhuang Xu's girlfriend and sent someone to take her to deal with Zhuang Xu's body.

After the body is cremated, she will take Zhuang Xu's ashes out of here.

He returned to the ward and saw Qin An'an lying quietly on the hospital bed.

Her eyes were red and swollen, and the expression on her face was very cold.

"Zhuang Xu will not die in vain." He sat down beside the hospital bed, and his voice came calmly.

"He died in vain," she interrupted him. "Even if he killed Gene Carrier, he wouldn't come back to life. If he didn't know me, he wouldn't have been killed at all."

"Even if you blame yourself, he won't come back to life." Fu sh*ting said word by word, "I know you want revenge, even if you die here, you won't hesitate. Have you ever thought that when you die, the most painful Who is it?!"

Chapter 1387 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)


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