[Naruto x ATG] My Step-Mother Is A Beautiful Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 New world (2024)

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and yawned. He felt great after taking a long nap. He rubbed his eyes and slowly took in his surroundings.

He found that he was no longer inside the forest of death. Instead, he was inside a room decorated with different styles from the house in his village he had seen before.

He was also in a fluffy and comfy bed.

"Where is this place?"

Naruto felt frightened.

He immediately jumped out of bed like a cat. He was always alert when it came to strange situations.

He wouldn't survive in a harsh environment if he were not cautious.

"Don't tell me they come inside the forest and kidnap me! I need to run!"

Naruto looked for a window to jump out of. He refused to use the door to escape. He knew that by using the door, he might get captured easily.

He was about to jump out of the window, but before he could jump out, someone opened the door and walked inside.

It was a gentle and beautiful woman who came into the room. She brought a tray of food with her. Naruto was wary and ready to protect himself, but when he saw that the gentle and beautiful woman was pregnant, his guard immediately dropped.

He realized that she was not a threat and would not do anything funny. Pregnant women were usually harmless, as they didn't want anything to happen to their unborn baby.

"Who are you? And how come am I here?"

Naruto spoke and analyzed the lady with his eyes. The lady, when she saw the distrustful eyes of the cute child, felt very hurt.

She was going to be a mother soon, so it made her emotional. How could a young child like him be so distrusting. He must have had a difficult past.

"My name is Xiao Yue, and this place is my house inside the Xiao Clan."

Xiao Yue smiled as she answered his question.

"Xiao Clan? Where is it in Konoha? I can't remember if there is this clan in the village."

Naruto was perplexed. He had never heard of the Xiao Clan before. Even though he was young, he knew the names of every clan inside the village.

Xiao Yue shook her head and answered him.

"I do not know anything about Konoha you spoke of. You must have been from a faraway village if you don't know about the Xiao Clan. I found you unconscious near the river just outside of Floating Cloud City, so I brought you to my house to help you recover."

Xiao Yue put the tray full of food on the table near the bed and said.

"You should eat first before anything. I saw that your body wasn't good. You needed to eat a lot to be healthy."

"Can I really eat it? It isn't rotten, right?"

Naruto asked, looking at the tray of food with suspicion. No one had ever shown him kindness before. They always mock him and bully him. It was hard to believe that anyone would genuinely care about him.

Xiao Yue's eyes became a little wet. He asked this question, meaning that someone must have done that horrible thing to him in the past. He was just five years old. How could someone do that to him?

Xiao Yue walked closer to him and hugged him gently. Naruto was startled but didn't refuse, as he could feel the warmth he had never felt before.

"Don't worry, little one. When you are here, no one will dare harm you under my watch. And the food I personally cook is fresh and does not rot at all. I promise you that."

Naruto nodded. Xiao Yue, then let him taste the food. Naruto took the first bite. His eyes immediately shone with enthusiasm and hunger. He had never tasted anything so delicious in his life.

"Eat slowly. Otherwise, you might shoke."

Xiao Yue took care of Naruto when he was eating. Naruto felt shy but also didn't refuse her.

Naruto might be strong-willed and quick-witted. But when it came to someone who cared for him so genuinely, he couldn't help but lower his guard.

He could tell if someone really cared for him or not, as he noticed that he could perceive negativity.

The woman who took care of him really cared about him like he was her child.

Naruto didn't know that inside him. Daji was jealous of Xiao Yue. She picked her as Naruto's guardian in this world because she was gentle and nice. But to think that she would treat him like he was her own child.

It made her feel useless.

'Well, at least I picked a good one, humph. I will wait until Naruto-chan can come inside his mindscape. I will spoil him rotten until he forgets this woman!'

Daji always had a plan, but now all she could do was let this woman take care of him.

After the meal was over, Xiao Yue had to go somewhere.

"Na'er, I will go and tell my father-in-law about you. Make sure you don't go outside before I come back. Otherwise, the other clan member might misunderstand and arrest you."

Naruto introduced himself to her, and she began to call him Na'er as it was easier for her to pronounce his name. They used different languages, but somehow they could understand each other.

"Um, I will stay here and not go out."

"Good boy, I will reward you when I come back later."

Xiao Yue then went outside the room and went toward where her father-in-law was. She would tell him about Naruto and ask him to help her adopt Naruto into the clan.

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[Naruto x ATG] My Step-Mother Is A Beautiful Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 New world (2024)


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