Progenitor: The First Vampire Chapter 3 - System Overview (2024)

Kai opened his eyes and looked at the floating screen. "System, explain everything about yourself."

A text box appeared on the screen, listing the system's capabilities and instructions for using it effectively.


[Status] - Displays current statistics and attributes.

[Inventory] - Access items stored within the system.

[Skills] - View and manage acquired skills.

[Quests] - List of current and completed quests.


Kai pressed [Status], and a detailed list of his current attributes and abilities appeared.


Title: This title signifies the host as the origin of all vampires in the universe. It grants unique abilities and authority over other vampires. Being the progenitor means he has increased regenerative capabilities, heightened senses, and the ability to turn others into vampires. It also comes with a natural charisma that can influence and command lower-ranked vampires.

Level: It indicates the host's overall strength and progress within the system. As the host gains experience through various activities, such as completing quests and defeating enemies, the host's level will increase. Higher levels unlock new skills, abilities, and higher attributes.

Attribute Points: These points are earned upon levelling up and can be distributed to enhance the host's core attributes. Currently, the host has no unassigned points, but as the host progresses, the host will gain more to allocate according to the host's needs and strategy.

Vigour: Represents the host's health and physical damage. Higher vigour means the host's can endure more damage and have more health. It also increases total health and stamina recovery.

Mind: This attribute affects the host's mental fortitude, resilience, and mana. It influences the host's ability to resist mental attacks, stay calm under pressure, and maintain focus. It also affects the host's capacity for learning and mastering new skills, especially those related to magic and strategy.

Endurance: Measures the host's overall durability, stamina, and resistance to exhaustion. Higher endurance allows the host to sustain prolonged physical exertion and withstand harsh conditions. It also enhances the host's resistance to fatigue and environmental factors.

Strength: Represents the host's physical power. This attribute affects the host's ability to perform feats of strength, such as lifting heavy objects, delivering powerful blows, and enduring physical challenges. Higher strength increases the host combat effectiveness in melee situations.

Dexterity: Reflects the host's agility, and precision, and improves attack speed. Higher dexterity improves the host's reflexes, coordination, and ability to perform intricate movements. It enhances the host's effectiveness in tasks that require fine motor skills, such as wielding weapons, dodging attacks, and performing acrobatic maneuvers.

Intelligence: Indicates the host's cognitive abilities and intellectual capacity. Higher intelligence enhances problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and proficiency in magic. It also influences the host's ability to understand complex systems and devise effective plans.


Kai's eyes scanned through the detailed descriptions of each attribute, absorbing the information.

"This is incredible," he muttered to himself. "I need to be strategic about how I use them."

"Alright, let's move on," he said, feeling more confident and prepared.

He navigated back to the main menu and selected the next option: [Inventory].

The screen shifted, revealing an empty inventory space with several slots. "This is where I can store items and equipment," Kai noted.

Next, he pressed the [Skills] tab. The screen displayed a list of skills he currently possessed and potential skills he could learn. "Skills will be crucial for survival and growth," he thought. "I'll need to focus on acquiring and mastering the right ones."


[Innate Skill/s]

(Upgradable) Blood Magic: Harness the power of blood for various spells and rituals. [Locked]

(Upgradable) Night Vision: See clearly in the dark. [Locked]

(Upgradable) Charm: Influence and manipulate others. [Locked]

(Upgradable) Regeneration: Rapidly heal from injuries. [Locked]

[Skill/s: None]


Finally, he selected the [Quests] tab. The screen showed a list of quests available. "Quests will provide guidance and rewards," he realized.


Quest: Become the Progenitor of Vampires


Unlock all locked abilities.

System Control Battle Mode

Obtain a never-ending potion.

Obtain a mount.


Kai's eyes lingered on the quest details, particularly the rewards. Unlocking all his abilities would be a significant boost to his survival chances.

"System, what does it involve to transform into the Vampire Progenitor?" he asked, his mind racing with thoughts of all the novels, anime, and manga he had read and watched. Transformations usually involve intense pain.


Transformation Process: The transformation into the Vampire Progenitor involves a complete overhaul of your physical body and soul. This process is highly painful as the body will be renewed to fit the unimaginable power of a Vampire Progenitor, especially the soul, and can take several hours. It is advised to prepare adequately and choose a safe location to avoid any disruptions.

Warning: Getting disrupted during the process, especially when the soul is transforming, can lead to the host's death.


Kai sighed. He knew that undergoing the transformation now would wake up his little sister and cause her to worry. He didn't want to frighten her. He preferred to do it when he could prepare properly.

"I'll do it when I'm ready," he decided. "I need to make sure Hanabi is safe and won't be scared by this."

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and focused on the challenges ahead. "I can do this," he whispered to himself. "I will survive. I will protect Hanabi. And I will make my own story."

Kai opened his eyes and looked at the floating screen. "System, what are the immediate steps I should take to prepare for this transformation?"



Secure a Safe Location: Ensure you are in a secure, private place where you can undergo the transformation without interruptions.

Gather Supplies: Have food, water, and medical supplies ready for post-transformation recovery.

Mental Preparation: Mentally prepare for the pain and the changes that will occur.

Rest and Recuperate: Ensure you are well-rested before undergoing the transformation.


Kai nodded. "Alright, I'll start tomorrow after sending Hanabi to school. Luckily, it was Sunday today and tomorrow is Monday."

"Wait how di I go back," He pondered.

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Progenitor: The First Vampire Chapter 3 - System Overview (2024)


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