Top 5 Free Timesheet Calculators To Track Working Hours (2024)

It can be quite stressful, and most importantly time consuming to manage timetables within a spreadsheet on a piece of paper. You’re bound to have typing mistakes, and the fact that you have to edit them just adds more to the frustration. We’ve all been there. You could take advantage of one of my recent post, on how to create pivot tables in excel, but that too, would take quite some time getting used to. It’s probably the best choice for business people, and those who’re working in the office. There are alternatives, those which I’m going to list in this post. They’re all simple time card, timesheet calculators available for free on the web, and they’re going to save you a ton of time. I’ve tried to pick the ones that are interactive, and easy to understand.

I’ve also tried to find some that allow to save your templates, so you don’t have to always enter the same data over and over again.

Timesheets are great for keeping a track of your working hours, and those of your employees. It makes the process much quicker, and you’re able to relax while the computer does all of the hard stuff. Like I said, this list is very generous and functional, but you might want to look into corporate software if you happen to be working for – or owning one – a big company that needs to manage hundreds of employee timetables.

You can click on the images of each of the timesheet calculators to go to the original pages and start using each one. Have fun!

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1. Free Online Time Sheet Calculator

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The first one comes from E.S.Q. Software, it has been around for a long time, but it’s also one that many people recommend due to it’s functionality. You can print your timetables, and you can save them as a template for further use. There are also a dozen of unit tests that can help you save time by not having to enter each hours separately. The developers of this tool really have thought about those little things, to make life easier for you.

2. Free Time Card Calculator

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This time card generator from Redcort is also very simple in it’s functionality, and is mostly used a base to advertise their enterprise software. I’d definitely look into Virtual TimeClock, it’s a great software for managing multiple users and the their clock time. I would recommend checking out their free timesheet templates while you’re at it.

Our free employee time sheets are available in several popular formats so they can be easily customized for use in your business. These timecard templates are set up to record weekly or bi-weekly employee hours and overtime.
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3. Time Sheet Calculator

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This one’s from MiracleSalad, and is totally great for those who like web 2.0 design. It doesn’t add much of anything new, from what we have seen in the list already, but it certainly is appealing to those who want something fancy and colorful. It’s also fully responsive, and so will work great on a mobile or table device. Give it a go and let me know how it went! :)

4. Biweekly Timesheet Calculator

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I think you’ll find this one quite appealing because it provides the ability to calculate more difficult calculations, and also gives you the ability to calculate wages straight from the tool. It’s based on a biweekly concept, and so it’s meant for those office people who want to calculate wages that need to go out every other week. You can then print or email the list, and save yourself a ton of time and resources.

5. Time Card Calculator

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The last time card calculator on our list a specific site that’s dedicated to making hour calculation easy and efficient. You can begin by selecting your own preferences, and then continue to creating great timetables that are easy to understand. Also, you can then email or print them out. You can check out the mobile version of the site, to be able to do it all on mobile.

Online Time Clock and Employee Timesheet Software – Clockspot

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Clockspot is an online time clock that helps simplify payroll to just a few clicks. It helps you cut cost and save money. Employees can punch in via this time clock online, or from a cell phone by dialing it’s toll free number. It keeps a complete audit trail of every modification to the timesheet so you can always go back and review the original clock time. This software also track IP addresses and caller ID so you know exactly where they’re clocking from. You can visit Clockspot to find out more unique features.

Toggl’s timesheet

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Toggl’s timesheet template stands out in it’s great simplicity and ease of use. Just enter your start and end times, add as many activities as you need and your beautifully designed timesheet is ready to be printed. You can also try Toggl’s time tracking app for free. With their awesome reporting suit you will be able to export detailed reports weekly or monthly and submit them without having to record your work hours manually.

I’m pretty happy with the list, and I think that you’ll find one of these tools to be perfect for you to manage your hours from. I welcome more of the same style apps to add to the list, all you have to do is leave a suggestion in the comment box. I hope you’ll enjoy, and have fun creating those reports! :)

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Top 5 Free Timesheet Calculators To Track Working Hours (2024)


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