Truist international wire transfer: Fees, rates and transfer time (2024)

Need to send money overseas? If you’re a Truist Bank customer, read on.

We’ve put together a guide to making a Truist Bank international wire transfer, including those all-important fees.

We’ll even show you an alternative for overseas money transfers, which could save you money - Wise.

💡 Before we get started, a quick bit of background on Truist Bank. It’s a new bank created in 2019 following a merger between and SunTrust Banks¹. It’s now one of the largest commercial banks in the US, serving both consumers and business customers.

Does Truist do international wire transfers?

Truist does offer both domestic and international wire transfers. So if you have an account, you can wire money within the US and to recipients in other countries.

How much does Truist bank charge for a wire transfer?

Truist wire transfers aren’t free, unfortunately. There is a fee to pay, which varies depending on whether it’s a domestic or international transfer.

The only exception is if you hold a Truist Wealth Checking Account, which offers both US and international wire transfers free of charge.

Truist domestic wire transfer fees

To send money to someone within the US, you’ll pay a Truist Bank wire transfer fee of $30 USD per transaction².

There’s also a fee of $15 USD² to receive a domestic wire transfer with Truist Bank.

Does Truist charge international fees?

The Truist Bank international wire transfer fee is a rather high $65 USD² per payment. To receive a wire transfer from overseas, there’s a fee of $30 USD to pay².

There’s also a chance that additional fees may be charged by intermediary or correspondent banks along the way.

And of course, you’ll also need to factor in currency conversion and exchange rates. Like many banks, Truist is likely to add a markup to the mid-market exchange rate² when converting your USD to another currency. This can make the transfer more expensive for you overall.

Save money on international transfers with Wise

A traditional bank like Truist isn’t the only way to send money overseas - and it’s almost certainly not the cheapest.

Wise offers a convenient and low-cost alternative. Send money with Wise, and you’ll only ever pay low, transparent fees⁴. Plus, you’ll get the mid-market exchange rate with no markup or margin added on top. This means more of your money reaches its destination.

To give you an idea of how much you could save using Wise, here’s a quick comparison with Truist Bank.

Let’s imagine you want to send $1,000 to the UK (GBP) from the United States (USD). Here’s how much it could cost:

ProviderFeeExchange rateTotal cost
Truist Bank$65Exchange rate + markup$65 + exchange rate markup + likely fees from intermediary and recipient banks
Wise³$7.40⁴The mid-market exchange rate - the same one you find on Google$7.40


As you can see, there’s quite a difference between the two upfront transfer fees. Not only this, but there’s no extra cost to worry about with the exchange rate, as Wise uses the mid-market rate.

Setting up an international payment with Wise is quick and easy. You can do everything online, in a fully secure process.

Start sending money with Wise here.

How do you make an international wire transfer with Truist?

Before you can make a wire transfer with Truist, you’ll need to enroll for wire services. To do this, follow these steps⁵:

  1. Log into your online banking
  2. Select ‘Transfer & Pay’ from the main menu
  3. Select ‘Enroll in wire services’
  4. Follow the instructions to verify your identity
  5. Set up your contact info
  6. Confirm, and you’ll see a list of Truist wire transfer fees that will apply to your account.

Once enrolled, you’re ready to set up your first payment. Here’s how to do it online, in person and over the phone.


To set up a Truist wire transfer online, you simply need to go to the ‘Transfer & Pay’ section of your online banking. Then, follow these steps⁵:

  1. Select ‘Send a wire transfer’
  2. Choose the type of wire you’d like to send - domestic or international
  3. Select a recipient. These are filtered by the type of wire you’re sending (domestic or international). If you’re paying someone new, you’ll need to add a recipient in the ‘Manage Recipients’ page.
  4. Enter the wire details into the Truist wire transfer form, including the amount, frequency, date and other optional details such as a reference or reason for the payment.
  5. Review the details and submit.
  6. You’ll receive an authorization code through either a call or SMS message. Enter this when prompted and submit.

You can also set up wire transfers in the Truist mobile app, following broadly the same steps as above.

In person at a local branch

You may also be able to set up a wire transfer in person at a Truist Bank branch. Find your local branch here.

By phone

If you need help setting up a wire transfer with online banking, or want to find out if you can do it over the phone, call Truist on 844-487-8478.

What instructions do you need for a wire transfer with Truist?

You’ll need to give Truist wire transfer instructions in order to set up a payment. Here’s what to have ready:

  • The recipient’s name and address
  • Their account details
  • Their wire routing number (for domestic transfers)
  • The SWIFT/BIC code for their bank (for international transfers)

To receive money yourself, you’ll usually need to provide your Truist wire transfer routing number.

You may also need a branch-specific Truist address for wire transfers.

How long does an international bank transfer take with Truist?

As Truist is likely to use the SWIFT system for international transfers, you can expect it to take around 3-5 days for the transfer to arrive⁶.

Contact / Help - More questions around your transfer with Truist?

If you need more information on Truist Bank wire transfer limits, fees or the process itself, here’s how to contact customer services:

Bottom line

If you’re already a Truist customer, it’s useful to know that it’s possible to send domestic and international wires with the bank. And you can do it via online or mobile banking, which is pretty convenient.

However, Truist might not be the cheapest option for making a wire transfer - as there’s a $65 fee for sending an international payment. Compare it to a provider like Wise and you could save a bundle.

Learn more about Wise


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*Please see terms of use and product availability for your region or visit Wise fees and pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information.

This publication is provided for general information purposes and does not constitute legal, tax or other professional advice from Wise Payments Limited or its subsidiaries and its affiliates, and it is not intended as a substitute for obtaining advice from a financial advisor or any other professional.

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Truist international wire transfer: Fees, rates and transfer time (2024)


Truist international wire transfer: Fees, rates and transfer time? ›

Truist Wire Transfer provides enhanced security, immediate payment settlement, and global reach. Wire requests submitted before 6 pm ET will be processed the same day. Future dated wires are also supported through most wire initiation channels.

What is the cut off time for Truist International Wire? ›

Truist Wire Transfer provides enhanced security, immediate payment settlement, and global reach. Wire requests submitted before 6 pm ET will be processed the same day. Future dated wires are also supported through most wire initiation channels.

How long will international wire transfer take? ›

International wire transfer: An international wire transfer between a U.S. bank account and an account in another country (also known as a remittance transfer) takes approximately one to five business days depending on differences in time zones, foreign currencies, and banking systems.

Does Truist Bank do international wire transfers? ›

With Wire Transfer Services for Mobile Banking, you can initiate two types of wire payments: Domestic and International, based on your entitlements. You'll need to register two valid authorization phone numbers to send one-time or recurring wire transfers.

How long do international bank transfers usually take? ›

Once the transfer has been processed, the funds will usually be deducted from the sender's account. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it will arrive with the recipient at the same time. As stated above, international bank transfers will generally arrive within one to five working days.

Does Truist charge international fees? ›

None of the Truist cards charge foreign transaction fees, which means that using the cards abroad won't be expensive. Some cards charge such fees — typically 3% — when you use your card internationally, which can add up when you're making frequent purchases from non-U.S. merchants.

What is the daily limit for international wire transfers? ›

Is there a limit on International Wire Transfers? There isn't a law that limits the amount of money you can send or receive. However, financial institutions and money transfer providers often have daily transaction limits. This depends entirely on the establishment.

What is the IRS limit for international wire transfers? ›

International money transfer limit: IRS

The IRS doesn't place limits on the amounts of money being sent, but there are reporting requirements for payments valued at 10,000 USD or more — or individual payments made within a short period which in total add up to over 10,000 USD.

Why is my international wire taking so long? ›

Unlike domestic wire transfers, which can reach the recipient's account in a few hours, international bank wire transfers take longer to process. This is due to more checks, with both the domestic Automated Clearing House (ACH) and its foreign equivalent needing to clear the transfer.

Why do international wire transfer take up to 2 weeks? ›

One of the main reasons for delays to international wire transfers are the fraud prevention processes and procedures put in place by banks. The SWIFT network requires transfers to pass through up to three correspondent banks before arriving at their destination.

Does Truist charge a wire transfer fee? ›

To send money to someone within the US, you'll pay a Truist Bank wire transfer fee of $30 USD per transaction². There's also a fee of $15 USD² to receive a domestic wire transfer with Truist Bank.

What is the swift code for Truist International? ›


Does Truist allow external transfers? ›

Absolutely. You can transfer money to and from your Truist One Checking account with online or mobile banking, and we'd be happy to help you in a branch. Most transfers are free, but external transfers or wires do have a fee. See the Personal Deposit Accounts Fee Schedule for details.

What is the longest an international wire transfer can take? ›

And that's why, in part, once you send an international wire transfer, it can take up to 5 business days, or in some cases even longer, for the funds to be available in the recipient's account. Once an international wire transfer is initiated, funds are deducted from the sender's account.

How fast is international wire transfer? ›

Most domestic transfers are processed on the same day, and international transfers are typically completed within a few days (depends on country). You need to move large amounts of money. Though limits vary based on the money transfer provider, they tend to be high.

How long does the average international transfer take? ›

Your money will reach your recipient within 2 to 3 working days, depending on the recipient bank's processes and working hours.

What time does Truist cut-off? ›

Deposit availability
Type of depositCut-off time for deposit to post that day
Direct DepositPost throughout the day
Check deposit with a tellerVaries (check with your local branch)
Check deposit at the ATM9 pm ET (M – F)
Mobile check deposit (Standard availability)9 pm ET (M – F)
5 more rows

What is the daily cut-off time for wire transfer? ›

5:00 p.m. ET for same-business-day (wire) transfer. Funds will be received by the recipient's bank on the same business day.

Are international bank wires instant? ›

International wire transfers go through a more robust transaction process as the funds move across the globe. That means they tend to take just a little bit longer than domestic wires. While most banks will process funds within 24 hours, it could be a day or two before they arrive in the recipient's account.

What are wire transfer hours? ›

Answer. In order for a wire transfer to be sent out the same day, it needs to be processed before the following cutoff times: Domestic Wires. Domestic outgoing wires in USD via phone/in-person: 2:00pm. Domestic outgoing wires ONLINE: 3:00pm.


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